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    Can I add user quotas?

    No, there's no such functionality.
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    How does CDN with external hosting work?

    If you want to privide CDN to that storage then is obvious that you have to use that url as the origin.
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    Update Error

    The error is telling you that it was unable to connect to and download the file (took too long). Proceed with manual update procedures.
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    Images does not show on albums when use external storage BackBlaze

    What are you using in URL mapping under the storage settings?
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    Storage URL confusion

    The URL is where your storage will resolve, doesn't matter if is a direct IP, a domain, a sub-domain or whatever long as it resolves to where the files are supposed to be.
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    Recommended AWS S3 Security Settings

    You must set it to public access, Chevereto doesn't handle ACL or any other similar setting.
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    Stopped Working after the Update via Dashboard.... Need Help !

    I'm sorry but support doesn't include revert back your installation. You will have to restore your website using a backup. By the way, php 5 is no longer supported even by You should really update your server.
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    Awaiting feedback update error problems

    The images (actual files) are delivered by your server so you should check if you actually migrated the files and that your webserver is properly serving these.
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    Awaiting feedback update error problems

    Images not showing with a broken image means that your file restore is not working and the system can't locate the content.
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    Must read Building the next-gen Chevereto

    I abandoned G\ and most likely I will release a final version when 3.X ends. To be honest, the way that G\ works is very basic and it doesn't suit its purpose anymore (raw speed). Take in consideration that it was created in 2014 so it is very outdated. The new framework works way better and...
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    Network license Down with the price?

    The $150 you paid on 2016 was for a hosting plan at TMDHosting. You didn't paid for Chevereto, you got the license gifted as part of the Bundle.
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    Awaiting feedback update error problems

    Truncate chv_deletions and try again
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    Awaiting feedback This file cannot be directly accessed.

    Please describe the situation.
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    Not a bug Back and forward buttons not consistently showing up: either they show or no show

    In image navigation is only for images within an album. If you want to browse images with arrow navigation, you can do it directly in listings. You have to use the listing explorer (the full screen image viewer that goes full screen when you click an image when in a listing).