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    Can't add external storage "Wasabi"

    When you enable debug_mode all the debug (if any) is shown directly in the response body. If you are unable to check the response body for that XHR then you should check your server error_log. I was able to add Wasabi to the demo without any issue.
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    Smtp help!

    That's all what you need to know about this issue. The system is unable to resolve google IP, try using the IP directly (not the hostname). This is just another example of how something that is outside the scope of the software causes the software to fail.
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    Can't add external storage "Wasabi"

    Enable debug mode and show some debug information.
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    Problem of adding S3 compatible storage

    This guide is not longer needed because Chevereto v3.12.0 added "S3 compatible" storages. @dydyt Please open a ticket indicating the problems you are experiencing with Wasabi.
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    Awaiting feedback Error when I updated for chevereto version (3.13.4). Any functions of new version dont have, It look like Chevereto v3.13.3

    I'm afraid that the .htaccess file wasn't being delivered in the 3.13.4 zip file. The downloads have been fixed. In any case, there is the .htaccess file contents: # Disable server signature ServerSignature Off # Enable CORS across all your subdomains (replace dev\.local with your domain\.com)...
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    Images does not show when use external storage BackBlaze

    Your settings are wrong. Fix the external storage URL mapping.
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    I want to disable CDN services but not working to save

    You can do it directly in the MySQL command line or using something like phpMyAdmin.
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    Awaiting feedback Update problem:Missing /app/install/update/updater.php

    Do manual update procedure.
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    Medium Thumbnails Format

    I'm afraid that you need to hack the js to do that. The system doesn't allow you to configure that at this time.
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    Awaiting feedback Stats are not working

    Taken from app/install/installer.php TRUNCATE TABLE `chv_stats`; INSERT INTO `chv_stats` (stat_id, stat_date_gmt, stat_type) VALUES ("1", NULL, "total") ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE stat_type=stat_type; UPDATE `chv_stats` SET stat_images = (SELECT IFNULL(COUNT(*),0) FROM `chv_images`)...
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    Awaiting feedback Stats are not working

    Can you show how the stats are not working? Like with images to get an idea of which stats are wrong.
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    Must read Building the next-gen Chevereto

    Update 2019-10-14 We got a new revision (3.13.4) earlier this month which slowed development a little bit but the spam control tools were needed long ago. On the actual development, the framework is getting polish while I keep adding more features and improving what I've already made. Something...
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    Must read Features to deprecate for V4

    Dropdown uploader While it may look nice, a dedicated upload page works better and require less memory. The Dropdown uploader should be removed for convenience.
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    Upload Threads

    More upload threads = more resources needed. Your server can't handle 5 upload process.