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    Hide 'Sign in' button

    If you don't want anyone looking around: dashboard/settings/website If you want others to see but not to see the login button: Add this custom css to dashboard/settings/theme #top-bar-signin { display: none !important; }
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    Cant delete unwanted accounts

    CHV\Notification shouldn't be called, this is a bug present in the Free edition that I noticed just now. This should be removed: // Remove related notifications tied to this user (follows) Notification::delete([ 'table' => 'users'...
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    Image deletion turned page into internal system error

    Execute this query in your DB console: DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `chv_redirects`; CREATE TABLE `chv_redirects` ( `redirect_id` bigint(32) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `redirect_from` varchar(2083) NOT NULL, `redirect_content_id` bigint(32) NOT NULL, `redirect_content_type`...