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    API Image Deletion

    Hey, is there any function in the api do delete a picture? regards
  2. P - Free Image Hosting

    The Facebook login is not working This app is still in development mode, and you don't have access to it. Switch to a registered test user or ask an app admin for permissions.
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    Which sites use my images

    or use piwik
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    Ways to earn through the website

    i have used google adsense but these guys banned me..average income p/month was 180 $
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    Ways to earn through the website

    i have been used for a few days, but the income is not so good, now iam trying the amazon partner-network
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    admin login page

    hm place a htaccess file in the admin folder
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    After update to v.2.1.1 i have errors

    hello, i have been yesterday updated to v. 2.1.1 now, my upload form looks like this can you give me the code to fix this? regards primel
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    German Subforum

    Hey, my idea is to create a german subforum what do you think? regards primel
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    Problem with htaccess

    hello, i have switched to a new host ( its a german page :) the problem is has a another mod_rewrite settings i must the .htaccess edit to this: i tried a / before RewriteRule ^admin/(.*) admin/index.php [L] but the acp let me no in :( but now, i...
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    User Login System for Chevereto

    check your pm´s
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    The Chevereto 2.0 Deal (updated)

    hello, have you a release date for us? maybe 1-2 weeks? :) - primel
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    Payment Options

    +1 for Paypal, easy and fast
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    [Lang DE] German

    Danke für die Übersetzung, habs bei mir selbst gemacht. Es ist besser wenn du die Umlaute/Sonderzeichen so schreibst: ä = ä ö = ö ü = ü ß = ß So kann das jeder darstellen, weil ein Ö macht bei einer latin1 oder iso-xxx Datenbank meißtens Probleme. Wenn du kein Bock hast...