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    What is your problem? Put the ad code in the text area.
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    mark upload as NSFW with api

    If you change in routes.api.php the code to that: $uploaded_id = CHV\Image::uploadToWebsite($source, $_REQUEST['username'], $_REQUEST['params']); You can set in a requests the $params['nsfw'] = true; and the image should be nsfw marked.
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    mark upload as NSFW with api

    Its now possible
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    API changes in route.api.php

    Hey Rodolfo, you change something in the api class? Because my customisation is gone :D My changes using the user id to upload the pictures to the correct account. But thanks that you improve the api and make it more easier to use it. if (isset($_REQUEST['username']) &&...
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    Background image after server migration

    You dont understand the problem. When i set the image in the admin panel it works. The file is on the server and the ddb setting is set with the correct url. And one day later the DB entry with the image name (setting ID 117 - homepage_cover_image) is empty. What magic in your code delete my...
  6. N - Discover the power of mobile photography

    Diese Website ist nicht erreichbar hat die Verbindung abgelehnt. Versuchen Sie Folgendes: Verbindung prüfen Proxy und Firewall prüfen ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED Your page is donw:
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    Background image after server migration

    Thats definitly not normal. I set the background in the admin panel. The file is on the server the db entry is there.. And next day the db entry is gone and i see the not found image ... What happen here? I have no cron that delete somthing. My DB run on a seperated server and i dont touch...
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    Upload broken after update

    I send you a sudo account. Go to the project : cd /var/www/ And make sudo ls -l and you see all what you need :) Good luck PS: if you run "sudo bash" you are root. Dont be evil :D
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    Chevereto 2.5.3

    Rodolfo please put the version of the script in the admin area :D i forgot every time wich version is on my server :)
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    >111.000 Pics

    A new milestone :) i host over 111.000 pics on my site, look at the screen :)
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    Whitelist for Flood Protection

    I think its usefull when i can whitelist a IP Adress, because a remote server can upload very fast and the most user have no account
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    xxx image hosting

    you can do that all with the normal chvereto script, no special version needed in my eyes :/
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    Chevereto 2.5.2

    Thanks it working fine :)
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    Whitelist for Flood Protection

    hi, its possible to implement a whitelist for the flood protection ? :) thanks
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    Chevereto 2.5.2

    hello, it is possible to upgrade from 2.2.1 to the newest version ? how can i do this ? thanks