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    Hiring Developer for API job

    I have a Vbulletin site and want to use Chevereto as the image management system. I'm looking for someone to develop this for me. basic system: someone clicks the 'upload image' button on my VB site, uploads their images to my chevereto site, then they get a URL so they can post the image on my...
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    because png are huge files and offer no better quality than a jpg. I don't want to store png's, but I don't want to restrict them either. If they could be converted to jpg it would save 60-65% of disk space.
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    1 ) I want to figure how to resize images on upload. My site is a marketplace forum and sellers will upload images to post in their sale threads. There's no need to have gigantic images so I want to restrict size incase some users upload huge images. Is there a way to limit size, something...