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    I think chevereto has a wrong language name

    How many chinese languages should be available? There're so much local types of languages. But, Chinese (Traditional) sounds fair. This isn't true. It is a free country. Chinese adopt it illegal, like they did it with tibet.
  2. McAtze integration

    Its not supported in this way. The field in the first pic supports JavaScript and HTML, you insert PHP. That doesn't work. You must add the code directly in the right files. Look at the docs:
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    Installation problem

    It seems that some outgoing ports at your server are blocking the connecting. Did you take a look at your firewall?
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    Rich links not working, no media previews

    I don't know if there're are og:metadata for a image direct link. I don't think so. With your second Link there're enough og:metadata to shown up. If you want to figure out if its a discourd issue, put the link in a tweet. Its the same schema.
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    Problem with upload plugin ?

    Maybe i find some time tomorrow to set up a phpbb and test it.
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    Site loads clean after the update!

    @faizan08 Did you take a look at your browser console for error/issues?
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    recaptcha says you are a bot

    I can confirm on Chevereto Demo Site and couldn't confirm on my site.. 😳
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    Implemented 3.12.4 broke your tos and privacy pages? Read this.

    The default pages are working for me, but i couldn't create a new page. The creating page is broken like explain above.
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    Problem with upload plugin ?

    @ImagesGuru did you ever read my post?
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    Problem with upload plugin ?

    You can just add the pup Code once to your site. It doesn‘t work if you put it several times into your website. So just i said, put it once in the header and customize it for your needings. Just a for grabbing ideas, this is my implementation for XenForo...
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    Problem with upload plugin ?

    It should work very easy. Just add the SCRIPT to the header template of your phpbb forum. Maybe directly before </HEAD> It should automaticly insert the button near the textarea/editor. If you need more than one button, maybe like your first image, you have to do it manually like described in...
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    Category Page which index by google, it says does not exist when we click

    Read this Thread. @Rodolfo shows you the answer. 👆
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    add txt !

    I will try it later and told you.
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    add txt !

    I don't understand what you're saying. Is it because the google ads don't show at your site? Maybe you have an AdBlocker in your Browser.
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    Chevereto stopped 'auto posting' Images?

    This is because you have an HTTPS issue on your site. You had to force to use HTTPS. The script isn't wrong.