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    VOTE Photos

    This option requires a new (table) database also!
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    Simple upload script

    I've done something similar for my client. I'll look in my archives and I will post here!
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    Boton compartir WhatsApp

    I just told you that I found whatsapp icon. lol
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    Boton compartir WhatsApp
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    Boton compartir WhatsApp

    You can use a custom URL scheme (whatsapp://) that opens a chat WhatsApp with a specific contact. It works on iOS and Android.
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    Please help me :(

    WTF??? <meta name="generator" content="Chevereto 3.6.0"> <div id="powered-by" class="footer">Powered by <a href="">Chevereto image hosting script</a></div> ---> You are using a nulled script?
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    uploading problem

    1) maybe permission issues.. 2) maybe PHP memory limit.. Which is your website URL?
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    TuPic - Update to Chevereto 3.6.4 :)

    I updated my website ( with the new version of Chevereto 3.6.4 and works great! Rodolfo, You did a good job. ;)
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    Random not working when homepage is set as "route explorer"

    in the demo version ( with Chevereto 3.6.4 it works well! I think it's a problem of your page?
  10. maxdome - Free Image Hosting

    For whom is this message?
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    [Mobile Phone] - Take a picture does not work?

    When I upload the first picture from my phone, also this upload form showed me the link option (you can take a picture). If I press this link, let me select a picture or take a photo with my camera. Once completed this 2 process, the picture does not appear in the list of photos to upload...
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    USER PROFILES (user list)

    Desde mi punto de vista, tener los perfiles de usuarios visibles en la pagina yo no lo desearía. Muchos administradores que utilizan el Chevereto, por defecto tienen los menús desactivados en la pagina principal. Yo aceptaría esto solo si se incorpora también en el administrador la opcion de...
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    No show imagens / error 404

    Try here:
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    Mobile Multi Select Upload

    I can upload multiple images at once with the phone! - iphone 6 plus -