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    Questions About External Storage

    One of the cheapest ways to gather file storage is to use external dedicated servers. Something like the 6TB server at the bottom of this list works out to £0.0044 /GB for storage, and OVH have unlimited traffic, so you won't get stung by a heavy bill for bandwidth...
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    Site now for sale on Flippa. Honestly wouldn't care if it sold for $1 as I had a lot of fun building it. Time to move on :)
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    Images not secure (https)

    Like Rodolfo, I can't seem to replicate your problem either, the whole site is https:// from my end. This is a handy tool. Put the link to the page in that you are getting insecure bits on and it will tell you which bits they are.
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    Hi @Rodolfo. PM Sent
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    @marcanthonyphoto I don't plan on releasing the code open source, I am just going to sell the site. I have fun in building them, rather than running them as I have a full time day job that takes up 90% of my computer time. I probably won't be bothered to put it on Flippa etc, which is mainly...
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    Detect hotlink image views

    @Rodolfo I'm not suggesting it's added as a feature for image views, I am just writing something for my own personal amusement lol Im curious to see which images are being hammered and which rarely get a look in, which the access logs will show me. I'm not really interested in how many unique...
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    Detect hotlink image views

    Was that aimed at me ??
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    Detect hotlink image views

    I'm currently building hotlinked views into my site. I run an hourly cron that scours the server access logs. I haven't worked out how resource intensive it is yet, but I may be able to run it more often if it's only tiny. The script looks for "GET /images/" then grabs that entry to get the...
  9. malvernweb ... It's been a long time in the making, but finally I have finished the bulk of the additions I wanted to get added to my site. The theme is next on my list, as some of the CSS I've shoehorned in to get the functionality right is leaving a little be desired, but I now have...
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    Endless Scrolling not working

    With the amount of javascript roaming around on your page for the endless popups and spam that appear when you try and do anything on your site, I'm not surprised there are conflicts causing issues somewhere :/
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    Better "click to view" icon

    I agree that autoplay is bad for gifs, but a little button (like the one used to choose to download large image files), that shows it's a gif so people can click to play it would be a cool idea.
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    Update PHP

    I can second PHP 7.0, it made a huge difference to the speed of my site when I moved to a new PHP 7.0 enabled server.
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    Strip EXIF but fix orientation

    haha, yes, I realised that, hence the edit at the bottom of my earlier post. /me goes off to feel really dumb in a corner somewhere
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    Strip EXIF but fix orientation

    EXIF data is only available to the person who uploaded the image and the administrators. So, unless the person who took / uploaded the photo has committed the crime, it has unlikely come from your site. If the person was the uploader but didn't own/take the image originally, it still means...
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    Next Page numbers not displayed on Explore page

    I posted a bug about this a while ago. Only seems to happen on iPhones (any browser on an iPhone randomly). When you have endless scrolling enabled, then try and log in from the explore page, as soon as you start typing, the login box disappears :( Well yes, however, if there is a login...