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    Moving to a different web host

    Appreciate it. We will try that again but didn't work the first time. We are moving off a server with root as public_html to one without. There isn't any routing to replace anywhere that we can see. A new install works fine.
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    Moving to a different web host

    What are the procedures to move to a different web hosting other than cloning the site and DB over? What files need to be edited to repoint the routing?
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    Rss Feed

    Any chance an RSS feed from the software is coming in the future and perhaps sitemap generation?
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    i have installed wordpress and i have 2300 plus images post

    Just my 2 cents, but install it within a subdirectory on your current website such as
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    Recent images on the homepage only show user photos

    The recent images on the home page with the homepage setting being "Split Landing + Images" renders only recent images from registered users, not guests.
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    any Ads network which supports soft nudity? (not porn)

    Setup a site that Google will accept, get it moving and traffic, then utilize additional ad channels to place on your other site once it's established. If one ad gets removed, it will remove from certain url's only typically. You can also look at Juicyads for the NSFW ones (correctly tagged)...
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    i have installed wordpress and i have 2300 plus images post

    I am not a dev for Chevereto, but install it in a different directory than the WordPress website.
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    Can Chevereto Be Used to Create a One-User Unsplash Clone?

    There are some other solutions out there DLKR that will allow you to do the same for the time being until such time Chevereto is ready for you as Rodolfo stated.
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    Implemented Upgrade to 3.13.X DB issues

    Just an FYI. We upgraded the free version on another installation/server a few days ago and had zero problems with it. Of course, it was running MariaDB 10.3 already.
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    Suggestions of hosts that allows nudism/porn allows you to host any adult content that is not against the law of the United States.
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    Social Graph Join Issue

    When utilizing a social channel to join such as Facebook or Twitter, there is a box that pops up stating "A confirmation link will be sent to this email with details to activate your account. ". Enter your email and you will receive the next notification that states: "An email to...
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    Installation issues in MySQL 5.6

    Upgraded to MariaDB 10.3 and installed worked great.
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    Installation issues in MySQL 5.6

    Thanks. We will when we can upgrade this. We will delete the install for now if you guys are done with it? Glad we did discover a bug ;)
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    Installation issues in MySQL 5.6

    What version do you want us to upgrade to to resolve the issue? It's a dedicated cloud..
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    Installation issues in MySQL 5.6

    We removed the files. Please place it in the root directory stated in the request when you have the time.