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    Add support for PhotoDNA

    Well it says service is free and only for non earning originisation oh and only for U.S originisation. You got probably rejected since chevereto is earning income. But what I thought was somehow you find out how to implement their API into your script and then us with your script can then signup...
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    Add support for PhotoDNA

    Hi I found this function called PhotoDNA which I would recommend it to be added by default into script for those who want to rise more auto detection about inappropriate and illegal images. You can read more about it here It also helps those who...
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    licenses for life or to renew

    To what @Rodolfo said there is no ETA for v4 yet. But he is working on V4 and apparently V4 is based on new system/coding or something like that.
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    licenses for life or to renew

    license are lifetime within one version stage, etc v3 which is now will be life time on order. But once V4 comes, you need to upgrade your license over to v4 to use it.
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    Account deletion

    reason why user is gone after few days, it's mostlikely, he did not verify his e-mail so then if he does not do it in time the account becomes deleted automaticly. But if he has done validation process then admin must delet this account. I can confirm this, since i have done a test myself. I...
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    FREE Gift From Chevereto Mods - Super SEO Module

    I smell something fishy about this mod/addon, either he want's access to peoples sites by providing a addon that adds a backdoor. So i would like the author of chevereto to inspect this addon once he get's a copy to be sure it's safe and nothing suspicious. @Rodolfo you might want to look into...
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    Which cookies should not be cached for Chevereto?

    like Rodolfo said, all cookies upon login is always stored on client's own browser end. Cookies are never stored on the server end. So then you cannot cache any cookies, if it's stored on server end then risks is that some 1 can exploit and hijack those cookies and log in as admin user, so...
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    .htaccess "cannot compile regular expression"

    You should remove your phpinfo file at asap. Since this file actually tells what your server has and if there is anything vunerable then hackers can take use of this phpinfo to see and then hack the server. Never leave phpinfo visible to visitors.
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    Popup plugin : how to pass variables using jQuery ?

    @ImagesGuru I sent you a PM asking something, but it sems you didn't care to reply to it. Please check into it. Also @Rodolfo does not work on custom things, so if you need help others on here who can help will reply instead of author of script.
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    Add comment system under each image

    okay, would you mind to create custom tutorial on how to implement hashover into chevereto? so everyone else here can add comment system as well to their chevereto copy?
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    Add comment system under each image

    Hi, could you share that comment system that you found so we can see it ourselves?
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    Home Customization

    Like Rodolfo said, even if it's paid he does not have time for it. Probably some 1 else here has the time to help you with it.
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    chevereto requires atleast 5.6 not 5.5. Best is to use 7.3.x since 7.3.x is alot secure than 5.6 is and is more stable.
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    Warning: "continue" targeting switch is equivalent to "break"

    so you guys are using free chevereto 1.1.2? if so then try 1.1.3 from github source. Since i cannot see any of you got paid license.
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    I need help with adding alert/notice box to the site

    well it worked well when you first gave code to us, but after few chrome updates and so on. It begun to stop showing up on the site, so either it's browser problem or chevereto have had some changes. So if you do find any solution it would be great to have it, unless some 1 else finds a solution.