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    cant access the dashboard, dont know how to set it up etc! help. where is there set up instructions/tutorials?

    Check the official documentation for more information.
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    On moral/ethics concerning Community members

    @Rodolfo you don't own this. Just as you and others have pointed out the community will take care of it. @davidlevy learned a tough lesson in business development but in my opinion was not "damaged" in any way. He put his idea out there on a public forum for all to see. He still has his idea and...
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    Chevereto stopped 'auto posting' Images?

    Did you run repair_setttings.php on your forum after you switched to HTTPS to fix all your forums URL's?
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    Chevereto stopped 'auto posting' Images?

    I just tried it on my sandbox SMF install and it works fine. There's something on your end that's not working.
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    Upload button dissapeard - SMF

    Does it re appear if you open your site with a private window? Might be a browser cache issue as well.
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    Help adding Chevereto Pup to Worpress

    Ok no worries, just thought for some reason it was already in place. I'm patient, I can wait. :)
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    Help adding Chevereto Pup to Worpress

    I thought @Rodolfo added support for Wordpress back in November? He ran a poll on it.
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    Help adding Chevereto Pup to Worpress

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    Image too big

    You got 2 of the 3 places addressed that control file upload size. You also need to change the max file upload size in your server config as well.
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    Help adding Chevereto Pup to Worpress

    Ok I've tried to figure out where to add the code to add the pup plug in to Wordpress and I'm stumped. Has anyone managed to do this and where do I add the code for the plugin in to get it to show up in the editor in the admin panel?
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    Get list of recently logged in users.

    Is the realip module enabled in your nginx build? phpinfo will show you if it is or not. It should be and will show the visitor's IP if enabled.
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    Logo is missing?

    Force a refresh in your browser Ctrl+F5. If that doesn't work open the site in a private window to check.
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    Embed album layout & upload issues?

    If you're not using the WYSIWYG editor and are sure it's not enabled it's likely a caching issue, either in the browser or on the server.
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    Embed album layout & upload issues?

    I had this same problem on my forum and it turned out to be the WYSIWYG editor. Disabling it fixed the problem.
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    Automatic update doesn't work

    Download the update files to your computer and unzip them. Upload the files using an FTP client to your site. Visit your site and run the upgrade.