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    images on Explore

    <div class="list-item c%COLUMN_SIZE_IMAGE% gutter-margin-right-bottom" data-category-id="%IMAGE_CATEGORY_ID%" data-flag="%IMAGE_FLAG%" data-id="%IMAGE_ID_ENCODED%" data-album-id="%IMAGE_ALBUM_ID_ENCODED%" data-type="image" data-liked="%IMAGE_LIKED%" data-description="%IMAGE_DESCRIPTION%"...
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    images on Explore

    You can customize the list items in the app/themes/Peafowl/tpl_list_item folder.
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    images on Explore

    Rodolfo you can change or encode the php page and put here the minimum to copy and replace?
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    Gostaria de criar uma enquete para escolher as 3 melhores imagens. É possível?
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    images on Explore

    Olá senhores, tudo bem, eu gostaria de colocar um banner para ver ao lado das imagens no Explore, é possível? Deseja exibir as informações da imagem abaixo de cada imagem, tipo de título e conteúdo de texto breve?
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    Comentar sobre a foto

    Coment Photo. You can create a feature to comment on a photo.
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    Friend I just need a reinstallation to fix error. On https I understand, I just want to intale again, to correct an error on the home page she is not uploading the cover image "site entry"
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    Website URL Chevereto version 3.11.1 Description of the issue ok, about https, how to enable, the certificate is already installed!
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    How to rescue deleted albums?

    How to rescue deleted albums?
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    Enviar email para usuarios

    Are there any tutorials on how to do this?
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    Enviar email para usuarios

    como enviar emails para usuarios com novas postagens no portal? how to send emails to users with new posts on the portal? it's possible???