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    Why are there no Chevereto themes?

    Thanks for your answer. :) I understand your point. However I'll try my luck!
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    Why are there no Chevereto themes?

    Hello community đź‘‹, I worked now a few hours with chevereto and I'm quite wondering why there are no Chevereto themes? It seems the functionality is there but for some reasons I can only find small modifications of the existing (default) theme. people offering coding services. However I can...
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    Image Tags

    I think tags are, especially today, a must have feature. I know a few image stock/sharing platforms which are only using tags instead of categories. Tags are much better at some key things instead of categories. More flexible than categories When organizing content into categories, you...
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    Like Button and Liked button

    Do you only want to replace the text (string) or do you want any other functionality?