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    Must read Building the next-gen Chevereto

    I've done a lot of translation work for the Dutch language. Does everything have to be done again for version 4? I hope not, I'm sure there will be additions and that's not a problem of course.
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    Implemented v3.10.6 Not opening albums when listing viewer enabled

    Works fine, thank you for the quick reaction!
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    Big picture in album listing not opening album

    When I click on the big picture in the album listing, nothing happens but I expect opening the album (latest versions IE, FF and Chrome). When I click on one of the 4 smaller pics under the big one, the album is opening. This happens since I installed the latest version of Chevereto. But this...
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    Password protected albums don´t show up!

    Password protected albums are only shown to yourself at the album page. But you can send the customers the URL from the password protected album and they can open it. As far as I know there is no other option.
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    Translate Update complete

    After updating the 'Update complete' message is in English. A bit weird because my default language is Dutch. I can't find this phrase on Oneskyapp so maybe it's not possible for us to translate? Can you check this?
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    can't upload gifs and php version

    I'm running Chevereto with PHP7 without problems. What kind of issues you have?
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    Tech support needs drastic changes

    I'm reading here are a lot, not posting that much. I'm always looking for the same problems before asking questions (that results to that I almost found a solution without asking support) but a lot of people don't. And it's not a problem for me to look a bit further in logfiles or errors. I'm...
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    Blank page last update

    I had this problem too this morning. Only the first 7 (or 8) lines from the header are in the source from the page. In another topic there was a reference to the theme files. I didn't make any modifications as far as I know but I removed the theme folder completely and copy a fresh folder from...
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    Hide top bar

    Thank you for the information! I'll try it this weekend. I use the dark skin but i've found what to change then.
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    Hide top bar

    Is there a way to hide the top bar when images are displayed large, at least when images are displayed on smartphones? When I use my smartphone I can touch the image to enlarge it but the image is not displayed full because of the top bar. When I scroll down to see the whole large image, the top...
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    Embed latest albums in external site

    Is it possible to show the latest (new) albums in an external Wordpress site? For our club I host the photo gallery with Chevereto. It would be nice to show new content on the website without doing that manually. An URL with the album title (3-5 URLs max) is enough.
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    Sub Categories

    I like sub categories too for sorting albums per categorie or year or whatever customers want. If possible, please add this. :)
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    OpenStack support

    Rodolfo, see my private conversation to you from a couple of weeks ago. You can use it for free if this is what you need to implement Openstack.
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    Image view in private album

    When I set an album in private mode, there are no arrows for next/previous picture when I view an image. When I set the album to public, the arrows are there. I only see this behaviour in IE (11). In Firefox (36) the arrows are visable. I don't think this is 'by design'?