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    Erro update

    Problem was in the cloudflare cache I deactivated the cache I left and the site started working again
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    Erro update

    All users are complaining that my site is out of air after update and those who can access are not able to upload or even links do not work Browser cache has been cleared I downloaded it again and uploaded it to try to fix the problem and nothing. PHP Version 5.6.30 Chevereto version 3.9.2...
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    Erro update

    After the update my site became all white Does not display anything
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    Allow .FITS image extension

    I wonder if it's possible to add the .FITS extension to the chevereto
  5. A Hospedagem de imagens Grátis

    I'll be tuning the subdomain's https My certificate is currently running only in the main domain
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    ShareX Chevereto uploaders list

    New API CODE 9c9dfe77cd3bdbaa7220c6bbaf7452e7
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    ShareX Chevereto uploaders list 8dfbcb7ab9b5258a90be7cf09e361894
  8. A Hospedagem de imagens Grátis

    We are almost two years using the chevereto and today we decided to post our site here in the forum. Our URL and safe connection The ImagensBrasil was born of a personal project for their specific use just grow according to the needs of our...
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    2.3 Million images with chevereto 3.4.5

    stable server. constant dissemination. maintenance days. user support. applications for use of Publio in general. so the primodial listing what you need.
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    [Tutorial] Using the API to upload a file (PHP)

    Plz link Download this tutorial off
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    Inactive Files are automatically deleted

    It would be a good implementation to be done Rodolfo thanks anyway
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    Inactive Files are automatically deleted

    is there any way I can do this to him Rodolfo
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    Statistical picture of how the number of home page

    Thank was very useful this information
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    Inactive Files are automatically deleted

    Hello I wonder if with chevereto if you have any otion to remove inactive or very old client files. For example files via print screen. Inactive Files are automatically deleted from the servers after 30 days.
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    Chevereto desktop Upload Universal

    After sweeping the internet and I found this chevereto application gostararia to know if anyone here in the forum know or use it and it really is working. I await a return The following download link