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This forum spotlights some of Chevereto's interesting features. Spotlights on features in upcoming releases will be posted here.
With the addition of Docker support now we can use Chevereto in a whole new landscape of alternatives and use cases... But let's be honest, docker is not that easy as is being sold or at least is not that troublesome free for the taste of most users of computer software. Thanks good there are tools that make the life easier, so rather than throw you to the sharks and wave "good luck", I'm now taking charge of providing you all the tooling that you may need to run Chevereto using Docker and the guides and instructions to easily carry it over. Thanks to DB Tech I discovered this Portainer software and after playing just half-day with it I already have you a guide to use it. Enter Portainer How awesome, they give you the power of young agent Nicolas Cage managing your containers. For installing you will need to install the server + agent. Portainer is a container manager that runs in your computer, you access to it at localhost:9000 once installed and running. ^ Just a sample of the docs right now. You need the Server and the Agent. This you get once done, a saner way to manage containers. Install Chevereto, do it now You can install multiple Cheveretos, look! Tools like this make your life less miserable, take a look: Not using Portainer? Let me know what kind of container manager you use to write a guide for it, I CHALLENGE YOU to try to send me a container-based system where I won't be able to deploy Chevereto. In the meanwhile give it a try to Portainer, I think that's awesome.