• Chevereto Support

    Support response

    • πŸ“… Tech Support and Bug Tracking are handled from 14 to 17 CLST. No weekend support. Response time within 14 days.
    • πŸ₯ Community Help is open 24/7 and is entirely user driven. Ask nicely and be polite with other users.
    • 🀴 Extra Support is delivered within 12 hours (average 6 hours).

    Support checklist

    • βœ… Confirm that your server meets the System Requirements
    • πŸ”₯ Check for any available Hotfix - your issue could be already reported/fixed
    • πŸ“š Read documentation - It will be required to Debug and understand Errors for a faster support response

    Requesting help

    • πŸ›Ž Open a Ticket if you need software support or assistance
    • 🐞 Open a Bug if you found something to report
    • πŸ‘‘ Purchase Extra Support to get direct priority email communication and assitance with the developer.

Custom implementations

Get help and feedback for advanced code editing needed to make the system fit your needs.