Network license price drop

If you want to upgrade your current Core license or if you want to host Chevereto in several domains owned by you then this price update will certainly good news for you because Network license price has drop to just $90 USD from the initial $130 USD price introduced in April. That’s right, Network license price has drop $40 USD and this also affects license upgrade from Core to Network which now only cost $20 USD.

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Chevereto now is free hosting with Arvixe

I’m very happy to finally announce something that I’ve been expecting a long time and that is now you can get Chevereto totally free if you host with Arvixe. I have been working closely with Arvixe the last weeks to bring this deal to the table with the idea to get Chevereto to more audiences by cutting the license price from the equation.

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Bridge API coming to 3.2.5

Chevereto 3.2.5 will include an API with the same functionality as the API from Chevereto 2.X (just plain guest image upload).

Later on I will introduce a better API  which will be more powerful, rate limited, etc. To avoid any conflicts the successor of API v1 will be API v2, v3 and so on. This is made in that way to avoid applications based in some old API version to suddenly stop working and give developers a reasonable amount of time to migrate to the new API.

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