Chevereto 8th anniversary

Look who’s turning 8. Happy anniversary, Chevereto. And thanks to all those who have trusted in Chevereto to build self-hosted image hosting websites without any restriction.

The culmination of all these years can be seen in the current 3.6.X series but there are several things that haven’t been said about Chevereto and Chevereto-related projects and I believe that this is the perfect day to talk about it.

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Introducing Chevereto v3.6.5 with new uploader and watermark options

Chevereto v.3.6.5 has just been released and it features two heavily requested features related to the upload experience. Indeed this is the release with the most significative enhancements to the upload process so far.

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OpenStack support and more in Chevereto v3.6.3

The upcoming Chevereto v3.6.3 features long waited support for OpenStack storage, theme overrides and extended debug functionality. Version 3.6.3 also adds several styling and performance improvements that no one should miss. Keep reading for a complete insight on Chevereto v3.6.3.

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All-new personal mode and more in Chevereto v3.6.2

The upcoming Chevereto v3.6.2 features an all-new personal mode that will allow to experience Chevereto as single user so for the very first time anyone will be able to use Chevereto as a truly personal system. Version 3.6.2 also adds several improvements in about everything else so keep reading for a complete insight.

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Translations and other improvements in 3.6.1

Chevereto translation system is insanely better in the upcoming v3.6.1 which features support for easy-to-edit .po files, translation overrides and cache. Keep reading for an insight on all the new features and how this improvements make Chevereto even better.

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Chevereto 3.6 on sight: What we can expect in the next version

There have been four months since version 3.5.0 was released back in October and I think that is time to talk about the upcoming 3.6.X series and what we can expect about it. The journey to 3.6 has been long and I’ve waited too long to write this post so keep reading to get insights for this new version.

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Improvements in our affiliate program

About a month ago I launched the Chevereto affiliate program which as worked nicely but, as you already know, in Chevereto there is always room for improvement. That’s why I’m happy to announce that the affiliate program now will pay $30 instead of $24 and that the payout will be available in just 30 days instead of 45. These changes have been already applied.

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