Introducing web installer

Directly from our retro lab arrives the most easy way to install Chevereto: Web installer. Now available at your client panel, it allows you to install Chevereto by just upload a single PHP file.

Chevereto web installer in action
Chevereto web installer in action

This web installer is very small file that you upload to your target server path and then simply access to your website to proceed with installation. The web installer downloads and extract everything directly in your server, no need to download anything extra to your computer so it is very fast.

But that’s not all. The web installer is also available for Chevereto Free and the code is Open Source so anyone can use it freely. We even test it installing Drupal, WordPress and OpenCart totally flawless. If you want to use this web installer for your own project you will love to know that you can easily change the background video, logo image, etc.

I hope that this web installer makes things easier for everybody using Chevereto.

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Rodolfo Berrios

I'm the creator of Chevereto.

4 thoughts on “Introducing web installer”

  1. Sorry for an off topic comment, but I’m a newbie on your forum and I couldn’t ask a question on the topic related to hotlink protection. Is hotlink protection a good decision in case when my site constantly obtains backlinks to images with keywords in the “alt” tag. My backlink profile became unnatural because of spam anchors. I can do nothing about it. Maybe hotlink protection will improve the situation?

  2. just installed Chevereto free version with the webinstaller: it did not install .. (ahah.. ) it kept saying unzip (it can take a long time) but actually on the server nothing happened, The zip was not unzipped.
    Manually installing the server was a little of a hassle due to the nature of my server (VM debian 9 based) but in the end easy. Only the .htacces was referring to /images where it needed to be /image
    but that was all. Now trying to see if it can be a replacement for smugmug.

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