Introducing Chevereto v3.6.8

On February 24th I announced the main goals of 3.6.X series and since then a lot of new features have been added like theme configurable colors, highly improved uploader, pages manager and so on. Just five months later, 3.6.X is coming to its end with the release of Chevereto v3.6.8 which includes a lot of new things that will be covered in the following paragraphs.

Updater script

The updater script allows you to update your website to the last Chevereto version available directly from your admin dashboard, simple as click in one button and your website gets updated. System works using your license information and it tells you the live status of the update procedure at any time so you know exactly what’s going on.

In my tests the system is really fast compared with the old download plus FTP upload. In my local machine it takes near to 45 seconds to perform all the process and it takes near 10 seconds in some of my production server. Compared with the old system (download, unzip, then FTP upload) which takes like five minutes to complete, the difference is really huge.

The Chevereto updater script needs your manual intervention to proceed with the update so there won’t be any unattended update without your approval. It has been made in this way to avoid losing core changes without notice and since is all new, there should be a period of adaptation before thinking in an auto-pilot automatic upload.

Update screen
Update available prompt showing the one-click system update.

NSFW banners

All the existing banner placements now have a NSFW version so now you can have both NSFW and SFW ads. These ads will be displayed depending in the content flag so in a NSFW image the system will use a NSFW banner instead of a SFW banner which helps you to prevent penalties with some ad networks. The system is super smart and it also works in listings detecting if a list of images contains NSFW content and raising a flag to display the right banner every time.

Automatic image delete

Users now can set image expiration time in a range that starts in 5 minutes up to 2 days. This is perfect for those who want to share an image an get rid of it after a short period of time. Like when you want to show something to a friend and having to manually delete that image. This setting also has a default value so the users can now choose the default expiration time for all uploads and the setting can be override on upload so there is an absolute control of the image expiration.

Mobile improvements

Mobile animations have been highly improved in v3.6.8 with the new CSS based animations which has an amazing performance in mobile devices. Chevereto now feels very fluid when using a mobile device and the experience is almost near to a native application in WebKit based browsers (Chrome, Android stock, Safari, etc.)

In the past all the animations worked using Javascript which works great in desktop but in mobile wasn’t that great. I found that using CSS animations plus Javascript handling worked great not only on mobile but also in 4K so you can also enjoy better performance in larger resolutions.

Image Exif data handling

Image Exif data sometimes contains sensitive data so for those who are concerned about that the system now includes a setting that when enabled it removes all the image Exif data for the upcoming uploads. For those who don’t want to remove this data the system will take the image title from Exif data and it will give more context to the content being uploaded.

This setting is also configurable on the admin side allowing admins to select how all the uploads will be handled. Admins can choose from remove all Exif data up to allow each user to configure how that data will be handled.

Nifty add-ons

There are a couple new add-ons that make Chevereto better with the addition of test email feature which allows to test how emails are being delivered or the guest uploads mapping which makes that all the images uploaded by a guest will be added to this new user account if this guest register in the website. There is also a new home screen animation which look gorgeous and give your website a better first impression. The drag-select has been also improved to avoid unattended actions.


As always, there are some bugfixes in this release that get rid of some problems like the gap in the uploader, conflicting page_display settings and some issue with NSFW flag in the uploader. There are several small bugfixes that doesn’t worth to mention but they are there anyway.

What’s next?

It’s has been a great cycle this 3.6.X series and just as I mentioned earlier v3.6.8 most likely the final 3.6.X release. This means that Chevereto will finally move forward to 3.7.X which will be focused in social and community features.

I can anticipate that 3.7.X won’t have many releases and I will try to fit all the features in maybe four or even three releases. This is because I’m eager to start working in some new stuff that I will disclose in the following months.

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