Chevereto v3.8.0

Version 3.8.0 of Chevereto is already available for download or update from your Chevereto Dashboard. Version 3.8.0 is a release with major new features like extended support for GIF images, automatic check for new updates, password protected albums and more.

Chevereto v3.8.0 default cover image. Photo by Michel Kimkongrath.

Password protected albums

Albums can be now password protected which allows to share them in a more confident way than before. It also features support for reCaptcha, prevention of brute-force attacks and protection against cross-site request forgery (CSRF). It also features expirable access token on password update so if the album password changes it will revoke access to all those with previous access to that album.

Password protected gate

Passwords are never stored and the system uses password hashes to store the access token. The content password is never stored in cookies or any kind of client-side storage method.

Animated GIF image support

GIF support is coming big in this new version and now Chevereto detects when an image is animated and allows you to show it directly in listings or make them playable when you share that image into Facebook. It actually uses the same button that Facebook uses.

GIF images in Chevereto listings

Awesome stuff of animated GIF images is that they are like a magnet for people so there are plans to add more related stuff in the future like GIF-only listings or maybe a player like Giphy. Listings looks really nice with these animated GIF images that there will be definitely more GIF related stuff. Don’t hesitate to request or suggest new features related to animated GIF images.

Automatic check for new updates

Now it will be easier to get your website updated and safe because soon as a new version gets released you will receive a notification telling you to update your system within just few clicks. This notification will be delivered via e-mail and it will be also shown in system notifications. Everybody should run updated software and this will help a lot to get there.

Multiple homepage cover images

From now on you will be able to set several homepage cover images and manage them directly from your admin dashboard. But that’s not all because these homepage cover images are shown using a custom made animated slideshow that looks gorgeous and feels awesome.

This slideshow works with CSS3 animations so it uses hardware acceleration to deliver a smooth and neat animation that it also looks gorgeous in mobile devices. The slideshow is also smart because it loads the images while the animation progress so it never delays the website display.

Updated translations

Several languages have been updated in this version and the total number of bundled languages is now 29 which is amazing and love to see that this is all user powered. Translators are doing a huge job for helping Chevereto to reach more users. Check our translation center for upcoming translations and feel free to help with new languages or with corrections for current translations.

Minor improvements and bugfixes

As always, there are tons of minor improvements and bugfixes like the addition of WhatsApp share button, improved tone-dark styles, security patches, improved language strings, etc. You can check the complete release notes in our changelog.

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