Chevereto v3.7.5

Version 3.7.5 of Chevereto is already available for download or update from your Chevereto Dashboard. Version 3.7.5 is a mixed revision with new features and bug fixes so it is a must have for Chevereto based systems.

Chevereto v3.7.5

Private profiles

Chevereto now features private profiles which allows registered users to act as an anonymous user. No one (except administrators) will be able to link any given content to the real owner of such content.

Virtual routes

From now on Chevereto has the ability to customize both image and album routes on the fly with no code editing required. This allows you to change these URLs to map something relevant to you like /i, /pic, /photo, /product, /item, /gallery, anything. Since those routes don’t really exists I called them “Virtual routes” to distinct them from real routes (actual files or folders).

Load button for large images

Bandwidth is a huge issue for image hosting and a lot of it it will be saved from now on because Chevereto now adds a load button for large images. Have you noticed how GIF images are loaded on Facebook? This is the same thing and it will save you a lot of bandwidth.

Improved memory management

Our uploader now uses up to 50% less RAM than before due to a highly better memory management that has been added into this release. The new system improved queue handling so dramatically that you can even upload a bunch of extremely hi-res images and the browser won’t crash.

Configurable redirect on single upload

Many users were extremely happy with the introduction of image viewer redirection on single image upload (mostly because of the increased CTR) but some complained and didn’t liked it, so now I’m adding a configurable toggle so if you don’t want this you simply turn it off.

Assorted improvements and bug fixes

There are a lot of small things being added like improvements in OpenStack API, translations and several bug fixes. You can check the complete list in our changelog.

Get Chevereto v3.7.5

As always, you can get Chevereto v3.7.5 as a digital download from our client section or as an one-click update from your Chevereto dashboard.

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