Chevereto v3.7.3

Version 3.7.3 of Chevereto is already available for download or update from your Chevereto Dashboard. In this release there are 8 new features, translation updates, improvements and bug fixes. Chevereto v3.7.3 (changelog).

Chevereto v3.7.3

Configurable social features (on/off)

Social features have been around some time and several users complained regarding the impossibility to turn off those features, specially when using “Personal mode”. That’s why social features (follows & likes) can now be enabled or disabled at any time.

Age restriction and Consent screen

Now you can configure user age restriction so users must indicate that they are over certain age before signing up. You can also enable a consent screen, that will show a standard adult-based agreement. We know that most users will just fool this, but this age restriction and consent screen helps you to comply with the law and legislation that regulates adult content websites.

Explorer controls categories

Since v3.1.0 you can enable or disable the Explorer, which allows to browse public uploaded photos, but enable or disable it didn’t control categories. In this new release when you disable explorer you also disable categories so there is no way to browse anything if you don’t want it.

Redirect on single image upload

This nifty feature redirects to the image viewer on single image upload. Very straightforward yet useful.

System notifications (External storage)

I’ve just added email alerts when an external storage fails (for any given reason) so you will be able to take action ASAP before your website gets crippled down.

Bugfixes and improvements

As always, several bugs has been fixed up including bugs in route.api.php, not working user search, maintenance mode, etc. I will like to thank all those keep posting bugs and allows to keep the system like a clockwork.

What’s next?

For upcoming revisions and releases the goal is to add native comments, introduce a new explorer functionality, make an user based API, improve search results, etc. There are several features that will be pushed to Chevereto 4 in order to rush things a little bit but is always hard to decide which features can come to the party early. Keep providing feedback, suggesting features and do all what we do in the Chevereto community to keep improving over and over.


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