Chevereto v3.7.0

The newest release is already available and it introduces social features that will make Chevereto websites more engaging. There are several new stuff in this release and you can check the complete release notes in the changelog.

Likes and follow system

The new v3.7.0 introduces image likes which brings a huge new layer of context and helps to make Chevereto content more easy to classify. Liked images are now a main filter in the global listings and users can view what they like anytime so it also works as a favourite system. In future releases the “liked” images will play a major role because it will be the corner stone that will help to classify popular content.

User can now follow each other which means that any user can generate a curated list of people who upload relevant content and see that content right away. This also complements the image likes because it will allow us to classify popular users based on their followers. Chevereto followers works as a system to get curated content from your trusted users and to classify which users contribute more to your website activity.


Since the system is turning more social, notifications are a must so a notifications system was built to keep an eye on whats going on with followers, liked content, etc. The notifications system works in a hassle-free way so in the same moment you fetch your notifications you tell the system to don’t be bothered again unless you have new notifications. Basically, you won’t need to do an action or click a button to dismiss a notification.

Deleted images

The system will now keep a record of deleted images to fully comply with law regulations and to help any law enforcement to find people that is using your website for illegal purposes. The system will keep all these in the deletions table.

Stats (beta)

In this version I added a new table to keep a track of the daily stats as a beta feature. The new system users a database table to keep a daily record of images, users, likes, disk used, etc. Since Chevereto will keep a daily record, I will be able to later own introduce top notch statistics and allow you to filter them by custom date range.

For now this functionality will be tested to see if the track goes well and smoothly and if everything goes fine the new stats will be introduced shortly.

Small addons

As always, there are a lot of assorted addons that step-by-step make Chevereto slightly better like the addition of Markdown embed codes, log of both user registration IP and album creation IP, improved theme font size and improved listing styles.


This version also addresses several bugs that you can find out in the changelog.

What’s next?

Chevereto v3.7.X will be focused in make the system more social and engaging which means that in this series we will see an improved explorer experience, internal comments system, group albums, etc. There will be also things that will make Chevereto more powerful like support for more image formats, stats and more yet to come so stick around for more updates and remember to check out our community which drives where Chevereto development goes on.

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