Chevereto 3.6 on sight: What we can expect in the next version

There have been four months since version 3.5.0 was released back in October and I think that is time to talk about the upcoming 3.6.X series and what we can expect about it. The journey to 3.6 has been long and I’ve waited too long to write this post so keep reading to get insights for this new version.

Revamped uploader

Chevereto 3.X uploader is something pretty neat and from a technical perspective is an amazing minimalistic achievement with an uploader that you can cast from anywhere. But there are things missing in this uploader that avoids a better content contextualization and extended options. That’s why Chevereto 3.6.0 will feature a complete revamped uploader that will address all the missing gaps but without loosing their originality and style.

Pages manager (at least!)

Pages sucks in Chevereto 3, period. That’s why in 3.6 there will be a pages manager that will allow an easy way to customize and manage your custom pages. There will be settings for basic pages and for advanced PHP powered pages so everybody wins.

Improved watermarks

Watermarks somehow are too basic so there will be major improvements that will allow a better implementation of this with a better workaround for different sizes and things like that.

Theme configurable colors

Sometimes you only need to change one color but achieve that means raw CSS code which is always something unpleasant to do. That’s why in 3.6 there will be a color picker for the most common elements of the website so you can easily customize the website to match what you want.

What you think?

Chevereto 3.6 will be mainly focused in the new uploader and in add countless customization options. Hopefully all the customization needs will be addressed in this release and therefore the next releases will allow room for new things like extended social features and so on. Feel free to share your thoughts here or in the forums.

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3 thoughts on “Chevereto 3.6 on sight: What we can expect in the next version”

  1. thx god rodolfo – it is almost the frustrating’st thing in updating the
    script… thx for implementing the pages editor! you are the best!

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