OpenStack support and more in Chevereto v3.6.3

The upcoming Chevereto v3.6.3 features long waited support for OpenStack storage, theme overrides and extended debug functionality. Version 3.6.3 also adds several styling and performance improvements that no one should miss. Keep reading for a complete insight on Chevereto v3.6.3.

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All-new personal mode and more in Chevereto v3.6.2

The upcoming Chevereto v3.6.2 features an all-new personal mode that will allow to experience Chevereto as single user so for the very first time anyone will be able to use Chevereto as a truly personal system. Version 3.6.2 also adds several improvements in about everything else so keep reading for a complete insight.

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Translations and other improvements in 3.6.1

Chevereto translation system is insanely better in the upcoming v3.6.1 which features support for easy-to-edit .po files, translation overrides and cache. Keep reading for an insight on all the new features and how this improvements make Chevereto even better.

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Chevereto 3.6 on sight: What we can expect in the next version

There have been four months since version 3.5.0 was released back in October and I think that is time to talk about the upcoming 3.6.X series and what we can expect about it. The journey to 3.6 has been long and I’ve waited too long to write this post so keep reading to get insights for this new version.

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Getting things ready before version 3.6

Just like every Chevereto minor release, 3.5.0 was focused in the external storage support (which some people refers as multi-servers) and the 3.5.X revisions included mostly bug fixes and small feature add-ons. At this time I can share with you that the rest of the 3.5.X series will be focused in get everything ready to the massive changes that I want to push to the image uploader which will be the focus of version 3.6.

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What’s on for Chevereto 3.4.5 and 3.5?

Release 3.4.5 is almost ready and hopefully will be the last statement in the 3.4.X series which was started earlier this month and has been followed with four revisions up to this date. Series 3.4.X started as a release focused in context and later on it was driven to fill some gaps in configurable settings like enable/disable some features and so on. The last statement of the 3.4.X series (hopefully 3.4.5) will finally add configurable settings related to user registration, it will improve the listings and it will add dynamic mapping for username root requests. So with 3.4.X almost done is time to start talking about Chevereto 3.5

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New features and improvements in 3.4.0

Surely you have notice that Chevereto gets highly better in every new release with superb new features and improvements each consecutive time. Today I will like to talk about Chevereto 3.4 and what cool things I’m working on for this next release which could be summarized in just one word: Content.

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Bridge API coming to 3.2.5

Chevereto 3.2.5 will include an API with the same functionality as the API from Chevereto 2.X (just plain guest image upload).

Later on I will introduce a better API  which will be more powerful, rate limited, etc. To avoid any conflicts the successor of API v1 will be API v2, v3 and so on. This is made in that way to avoid applications based in some old API version to suddenly stop working and give developers a reasonable amount of time to migrate to the new API.

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