Chevereto 3.15 released

Chevereto 3.15 is just released, and it features considerable improvements in the bulk importing functionality, which now is automatic. It also includes a theme tone switcher, allowing your users to choose between light and dark theme variants easily. This release fixes plenty of bugs, and it also features improvements for mobile users.

Automatic importing

The bulk content importer now supports to work continuously. Parsing is the same as before, but now it is all automatic. That way, you only need to place the content in a special file-system path, which is constantly analyzed.

The system works by processing the contents of the /importing path, in which the sub-folders ./no-parse, ./parse-albums and ./parse-users are designated to hold the content being imported under a folder-based content structure. Once all contents of /importing are processed, the job will be labeled as completed and 1 minute after it will begin again.

Automatic importing @3.15.0

The advantage of continuous importing is that it doesn’t require any configuration, just throw contents to the importing path.

User theme tone toggle

Users can now toggle light and dark theme variants by just clicking on the lights button at the top bar. This allows users to pick the theme that goes better for their eyes.

Improvements for mobile users

User scale limiting has been removed and now the user interface can be freely zoomed in/out. This release also fixes incompatibilities detected in some webview implementations. Especially with WeChat and QQ, where it was impossible to use their webview browser for image uploading.

PUP.js for ProBoards

The popup upload plugin (PUP) now works with ProBoards software, making Chevereto based websites ready to empower any ProBoards based community. This release also includes support for Vanilla’s latest editor (Quill).

PUP.js now integrates with 13 different forum software.

Rebuild stats

Global stats can now be quickly rebuilt by clicking a button from the /dashboard panel.

Configurable embed codes display

Displaying of embed codes has improved. Now it is possible to configure if these codes will be displayed for everybody, only users, or disable it altogether.

Final notes

Chevereto 3.15 arrived three months after 3.14 and it marks another milestone in the V3 LTS. More updates will be issued for this year, and the development is also ongoing for the chevere framework.

Introducing new installer with cPanel support

The installer has been re-made (again) and now, set up your own Chevereto based image hosting website is even easier than before. This new version handles all the process and is the recommended method to install Chevereto from now on.

The installer consists of a single PHP file which checks the system integrity, license key check, database check, download, extract and fill in the installation form. You never leave the installer screen when doing the process, and at the end, you get a concise summary of the outcome.

It now supports cPanel and allows to create all the database setup automatically. By doing this, you don’t need to worry about creating the database, database user, and grant permissions. The installer does all this for you.

cPanel screen

The result is your image hosting website up and running in seconds, totally hassle-free.

Installation completed screen

It also includes API access to all its controller actions, which allows crafting all sort of integrations. For example, hosting providers can take advantage of this to provision Chevereto pre-installed.

The installer is Open Source, and it is available at Chevereto/Installer (GitHub).

New Chevereto installer

The web installer has been completely re-made from scratch with a better user interface, server requirements check and improved error handling. It aims to offer a more friendly installation process and to detect any server issue prior purchase.

The cherry on top is that the new web installer works for both free and paid Chevereto editions and it will be used to upgrade from free to paid directly within your dashboard panel.

For nginx users, the web installer will generate rewrite rules needed for Chevereto so you only need to copy and paste these in your nginx.conf server block. For Apache, this is not needed since Chevereto already includes these in the .htaccess file.

Talking about performance, this thing is remarkable fast and in just 60 KB it contains all the stuff needed to self-download and extracts Chevereto. The process time varies depending on the machine and since most servers have fast network and hardware, it takes just a couple seconds to do everything. This is for real, on the demo server it takes about 2 seconds to install Chevereto!

The source is available on Chevereto/Installer (GitHub).