Hello, Chevereto V4

Dear Chevereto users,

Is about time to reinvigorate Chevereto, I took some time to build our new foundations and you waited patiently. I’m glad, thanks for your support. It’s payday!

Today I’m announcing a very bold road map that will unveil many great releases and important project updates for the years to come.

Chevereto V3.20: May 2021

Chevereto V3.20 (coqueto) culminates the project work within 2013-2021 and is the final version for Chevereto V3. It was about time to end V3 with a big release, to close this chapter of the project the best way possible.

Read Chevereto V3.20 “coqueto” announcement.

This release features a massive user interface update, support for containers, improved performance and top reliability.

Coqueto improves in everything required to mature Chevereto V3 and it will keep getting security updates until November 2022 to match with PHP 7.4 eol.

Chevereto V4.0: September 2021

The release of Chevereto V4 (macanudo) will happen in September 2021 and it evolves right from coqueto. Chevereto V4 will require PHP 8.

Read Chevereto V4.0 “macanudo” announcement.

Macanudo will feature extended social login support and user based API. This is a huge change as it makes the default user interface exactly that: A default, enabling your users to use your service from anywhere.

Chevereto V4 release cycle

All V4 releases will be named and will get released twice per year (March and September). Updates on the beta channel will keep being monthly released.

VersionRelease dateLicensing (one-time) Core/NetworkRenewal (yearly) Core/NetworkCore to Network upgrade
4.0 (macanudo)2021-09$49 / $149$25 / $75$100
4.1 (supremo)2022-03$59 / $159$30 / $80$100
4.2 (?)2022-09$59 / $159$30 / $80$100
4.3 (?)2023-03$69 / $169$35 / $85$100
4.4 (?)2023-09$69 / $169$35 / $85$100
4.5 (?)2024-03$79 / $179$40 / $90$100

Chevereto V4 updates will be all about progressively improve on everything like a more robust and flexible search, tags, background processing and more.

I’m confirming at least 5 (five) revisions for this major version.

Chevereto V4 licensing

Chevereto V4 will be released under a renewable licensing.

Upgrade cost from previous licensing requires to purchase renewal (one year minimum) + one-time $15 upgrade fee. By upgrading you get a brand new V4 license and you also keep your existing V3 license. You will preserve all access to V3 software and its related services.

License purchases within September 2020 and September 2021 will get the upgrade fee for free. License purchases within March 2021 and September 2021 will get one year renewal for free.

Chevereto V4 licensing renewal & expiration

License renewal is required to grant access for a minimum one-year period to software updates and its support. License renewal for any given years can be purchased upfront if you are into running this in the feasible long term.

If the license isn’t renewed it will expire, meaning that it will lost the grant that enables access to new updates and support. Expired licenses will preserve the permission to use the software releases available during the time the license was active, but without any support.

Chevereto V4 licensing modification

Core License upgrade to Network license follows the formula:

$network_license_price – $core_license_price = $core_license_upgrade

The amount paid for unused renewals will be used as positive balance for the upgrade fee and/or Network renewal.

For example, if you purchase 4 years ahead of Core upgrades on Macanudo’s ($100 value) and by 2022 you want to upgrade to Network, those remaining Core servicing years (3) won’t be used so you will get those $75 off, meaning that the upgrade from Core to Network will be just $25 ($100 – $75).

New documentation for Chevereto & Chevereto Free

The documentation has been improved, you can check it right now at: v3-docs.chevereto.com, now automatically sourced from chevereto/docs so it is fresh as it gets.

🧙🏾 Try pushing a change, the website gets deployed automatically. Is magic!

The new documentation is made with VuePress, hosted at github, and delivered as a progressive web application (PWA) which you can install in your devices for offline usage. It also uses Algolia’s DocSearch.

Certainly you will notice how fast it is. Also: Collaborative 😘, feel free to help improving it!

Chevereto 3 Long Term Support

I’m introducing Long Term Support (LTS) for Chevereto 3 for three years. There will be updates, patches, and support assistance until November 2022 for Chevereto 3.

The updates will guarantee that Chevereto 3 will be able to run with the latest libraries available and that all its functionality will remain working as expected. Security fixes, error corrections, and improvements will keep being added to ensure proper software functionality. There will be the option to purchase support after the Chevereto 3 LTS ends.

I want to roll a series of changes during the three years of Chevereto 3 LTS, starting with the release of Chevereto 4. The idea is to provide enough time to conduct the Chevereto 4 adoption process, which includes new server requirements, documentation, services, software store, and more. It is not something that I can build and release all at once. The process will be continuous, step by step, and by November 2022 Chevereto 4 install base should be the majority.

I’ve been working in Chevere for the last fifteen months. It is the base framework that supports Chevereto 4, and I’m getting closer to have it ready for the Chevereto application development. News about this will get published before the end of the year.

Hopefully, the LTS will provide the baseline that I need for the upcoming Chevereto development. You can rest assured that the software is going to keep getting support for a long time.

New Chevereto installer

The web installer has been completely re-made from scratch with a better user interface, server requirements check and improved error handling. It aims to offer a more friendly installation process and to detect any server issue prior purchase.

The cherry on top is that the new web installer works for both free and paid Chevereto editions and it will be used to upgrade from free to paid directly within your dashboard panel.

For nginx users, the web installer will generate rewrite rules needed for Chevereto so you only need to copy and paste these in your nginx.conf server block. For Apache, this is not needed since Chevereto already includes these in the .htaccess file.

Talking about performance, this thing is remarkable fast and in just 60 KB it contains all the stuff needed to self-download and extracts Chevereto. The process time varies depending on the machine and since most servers have fast network and hardware, it takes just a couple seconds to do everything. This is for real, on the demo server it takes about 2 seconds to install Chevereto!

The source is available on Chevereto/Installer (GitHub).