What’s on for Chevereto 3.4.5 and 3.5?

Release 3.4.5 is almost ready and hopefully will be the last statement in the 3.4.X series which was started earlier this month and has been followed with four revisions up to this date. Series 3.4.X started as a release focused in context and later on it was driven to fill some gaps in configurable settings like enable/disable some features and so on. The last statement of the 3.4.X series (hopefully 3.4.5) will finally add configurable settings related to user registration, it will improve the listings and it will add dynamic mapping for username root requests. So with 3.4.X almost done is time to start talking about Chevereto 3.5

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Chevereto 3.4.3 released

Chevereto 3.4.3 is already among us and it features a nice set of improvements and new things that no one should miss. For the first time CDN support has been added right out the box in the admin panel and you can see how it works in real time in Chevereto demo which is using MaxCDN. There is also huge improvements in modal boxes, translations, general settings, etc. Indeed this is not a normal maintenance or revision update.

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